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To Christina, My sister , who is a gift from heaven

Do you remember me
To Christina, My sister , who is a gift from heaven
For my spirit sister Heartwhispers, with love
For both my families, what it is like to go through the pain of adoption


                                                  Mary, sweetest lady
Mary, sweetest lady, you who gave birth to Jesus
When he was a baby and a little boy
Did people seek him out
I wish I was there to see the miracles
What I would not give to see his sweet face
Mary, sweetest lady, did you cry when he was rejected by some
I am only a human who follows in his footsteps
People reject me also, because I am slow
One day I knelt in front of him
His hair is brown like mine
My eyes are blue like his
He put His hands on my head
I could almost feel a warmth
I felt it all over
Mary, sweetest lady, as he grew
Did God tell you what was to happen
He was beaten and thorns on his brow
I felt His tears, they were also my tears
Mary went with Him and suffered with Him
He looked at Mary and said "God forgive them"
At three o'clock Jesus said "it is finished"
Jesus died for the sins of man
His love for us is eternal
Mary saw Him after He had risen
Many saw him after that day
When we die it is Jesus who takes you by the hand
Heaven is a peaceful, beautiful place
If the Lord was not holding you, you could become blind
When Jesus blesses you, you feel holy and greatly loved
Mary, sweetest lady, because The Son of God was put on this earth
We, human men and woman were given a second chance of life forevermore
Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet


                                           No Separation
I have a little sister who was kept a secret from me
When I finally found her no separation I could see
I love my little sister who is beautiful as a rose
There is no separation, I go wherever she goes.
I see through my sister's eyes
The beauty that is her's
No separation could ever be deserved 
I see my sister's eyes looking through
If only I could hug her, tell her I care too
There will never be a separation
I can see the stars, I love you forever
No matter where you are
Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet
I see my sister looking at me in the mirrow


                                          The gift of a sister
I wanted a gift I could call my own
A sister who is mine alone
The stork brought her to me a little late
I still was glad, I opened my arms to take
A beauitful child with golden hair
Blue eyes beyond compare
She calls me almost every day
True sisters are made that way
A lovely smile, she grew very tall
She is the one who is my all
I thanked our mom for this gift of love
She came with the stork from up above
When I am in sadness or when I have joy
She shares in all things I do
I tell her and she helps me through
If I was not given this gift of hope
I do not think without her I could cope
I thank the stars and the shining sun
She is my gift, the only one
Linda Ann Henry
Do remember me
The people's poet 


                                      Do you see me
Do you see me as I fly through the skies
Do you see me and the beauty in my eyes
Do you see me as a butterfly with the colors of a rainbow
Do you see me as you pick the flowers at dawn
I have not finished with life, I still carry on
My hope is for those that I know
Whenever they look at the world
My spirit they do not let go
God made me in His image
So I stand straight and tall
I will never look back on those who try to make me feel small
Do you see me in the sun and in the stars which shine so bright
All I wanted, was for someone to care for me
To hug and kiss me tight
Do you see me in the rivers which flow
In the beaches filled with sand
If you carve my name on the stone of time
Do you see me, I am a dove, so pure and fine
Is God the only one who see's how I tried to win
On this earth, do you see me
The rain are my tears
Does anyone wonder just how I got to here
I forgive those who hurt me
I am glad to know those who have cheered
Do you see me as I pass through the years
Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet   

Sparkling Christmas lights

                 A Gift For Christmas
Mom, gave me a gift for Christmas
It was all brand new
A little baby girl, who I have never knew
I loved this precious child
Thank God above
For giving me someone I can truly love
My sister was a gift I had for Christmas
The snow falls outside, so white
I wish it really happened
I think of it this Christmas Night
Mom gave me a gift for Christmas
She was wrapped up in a pink bow
I never saw such beauty
As when I looked in my sisters blue eyes
I was taken by surprise
What a wonderful gift for Christmas
A new born baby is
If she is part of you
In your heart you want to give
How can I thank you, Lord
For creating this beautful loving child
I see through my sister's eyes
The world I can not see
She brings it into my life, so faithfully
Mom, do you know what a treasure
You have giving to me
I had a gift for Christmas
It is all I will ever want
My sister is part of my heart
I have so much love to impart
This Christmas is beautiful to see
I am glad I have this dream
For it was meant to be
Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet 

2005 linda ann henry