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For my spirit sister Heartwhispers, with love

Do you remember me
To Christina, My sister , who is a gift from heaven
For my spirit sister Heartwhispers, with love
For both my families, what it is like to go through the pain of adoption


                                     If it was not for you
If it was not for you, no birds would I see
If it was not for you, unhappy I would be
If it was not for you, I would still be looking for the sun
For me, it would be night, for I could see no light
If it was not for you, I would never have been in Jesus grace
If it was not for you, where would I find the butterfly on my face
The Heaven in the sky. I would never find myself in the stars
Or in the night. the hope I have come to find, may not have been mine
If it was not for you, beauty I could not see
Because it would not be part of me
You gave me the courage to go on
You helped me with my lost
Found for me again
That Jesus was my friend
So say a prayer for me
I know now, that because of you
I am free.
Linda Ann Henry
Do remember me
The people's poet


   Thank you for seeing butterflies and rainbows                                   
When you think of me, what do you see
In your shining eyes, I see a gift God gave you
The graphic and music you give to me
Is as if we see, butterflies and rainbows
Made just for me
Thank you for a heart that can hear
All the beauty I write everywhere
I cannot go out, but in my mind
And through the door
Butterflies are spreading their wings
After the rain, a rainbow with birds will sing
Thank you my friends
I feel you are my family
Because of your love
I have found God in heaven above
You work so hard, you never stop
To bring out a poem, and help it give what it got
You took a chance on an unknown
Who was once lost as an adoptee
You are the only ones
Who printed what was a secret for many years
I myself have lived in fear
You and my life long friends 
Will be with me until the end
So thank you all
For giving me, me
In my eyes, butterflies and rainbows
I too see
Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet


                                         Two Guardian angels
I am blessed with two guardian angels God sent to me
Each in their own ways, loves me especially
They shine for me every day I live
They have so much to offer even more to give
I much be very special
The Dear Lord gave me the very best
My guardian angels love me more than all the rest
Some time they fly around me
Like a beautiful star
They always help me
No matter where they are
I love my two guardian angels
They are precious as they can be
I thank Dear Jesus, for sending them to me
Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet
I wrote this poem for my two special guardian angels: Cheechee and Heartwhispers. without their love and support I would never have found myself.


                                       A miracle of life
The first time I took a breathe, that was a miracle of life
When I opened my eyes, I saw through the window
 The beauty of the blue sky
I saw a miracle of life
As I took my first steps by myself, I felt the grass in my toes
I had in me, a miracle of life
When I was hungry, I cried
When I looked at my playpen I laughted
These are all a miracle of life
When I went to school, in first grade
Everything looked strange, but I took the change
I found a miracle of life
When I hugged and kissed my mother and father
 I knew I was loved
Having that is a gift and a miracle of life
The first time I kneeled at my bed to say my prays
 I found my true father in Jesus
He gave me a miracle of life
When I went to church, I saw the beauty of God's Heaven
I whispered softly "This is a miracle of life"
I was made in God's image, I am a miracle of life
Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet

Whenever I think of you it is always Christmas


How do I say goodbye 
How do I say goodbye
 I now sleep in Heaven
I know I will be blessed by God
Angels sing for me
I love you every day
Let me help bring you peace
In the morning sun
When the birds fly and the lakes flow
That is where my soul goes
I will think of you in my memory
The Holy Spirit blesses my heart
It is so beauitful up here
I see God on his throne
Do not cry for me
At last now, I am free, I am on my own
Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet
In memory of cheechee uncle who recently went to Heaven  


                               To you, my butterfly
As I walk in the garden, what do I see
Is it you, my little butterfly, do you love me
I watch in wonder as you fly through the air
I see your reflection, your sweetness eveywhere
You make me happy out here in the sun
I would have waited for you, until the day is done
You are so special, you are so kind
There is nothing I want more than to make you mine
My little butterfly, what beauitful colors you own,
If you flew over a rainbow, I would cheer you on
I hope we become more than friends
It will not take long, know that I am happy
When I think you are near
I will keep my eyes up into the sky
Maybe I will see you here, my pretty butterfly 


                                   My pray
I have a special pray, Dear Lord
I am bringing it to you
It is not for myself I pray
But for a friend who love's you too
She is like a flower which grows in the sun
When I see a rainbow I know there is hope
To guild my friend, who has been so good to me
When I close my eyes, her face I see
She whispers she wants me to conquer my fears
I have The Lord in my life, she gave me the gift
Of forgiving people, I pray I stay strong
I want to help others, where they have gone wrong
If God did not send her to me
It would be a much harder life that I would know
When I pray, I hear a whisper of my friends heart
I love her so. She found her love in Jesus
She shared it with me. With her help
There is a better person I see
Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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2002 linda ann henry