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For both my families, what it is like to go through the pain of adoption

Do you remember me
To Christina, My sister , who is a gift from heaven
For my spirit sister Heartwhispers, with love
For both my families, what it is like to go through the pain of adoption


                           If I was never born
If I was never born, I would never be able to see Jesus face
If I was never born, I would never be in God's grace
If I was never born, there would be no beauitful poems to write
If I was never born, the people I try to help, would be out of my sight
I forgive those who give me pain and hurt
They try to crush my spirit, but it does not work
Some are cruel , some do not care
They try to bring me to the bottom of despair
But, The Lord, My God, is on my side
I stay strong, He makes me wise
If I was never born,the earth could not be beautiful at dawn
The butterfly, I love so much, may not be there at all
I would not smell the flowers, or fly into the air
I could never be an angel, because I was never there
The loved ones I touched and those that feel unloved
Would never have known me and with my heart and soul
Never have been touched
If I was never born, No laughter would I know
I could not see the raindrops fall, or watch nature grow
I would never have met my mother, who would die without a
If I was not here she would have been unhappy to the end
I would never know my sister, she would have had no one to confide in
And I could have no joy, bubbling from within
If I was never born, without life, there is no eternity
I would never have been, God knew
So He gave me my beginning
If I was never born, I would never know how to pray to The Lord above
Thank you Dear Jesus, for keeping me in your heart
You never forget me, There is a light from You, around my head
"My Dear Child", my blood for you I shed
Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet   


                                          Jesus is holding me in his arms
I can feel Jesus holding me in His arms
I feel Him comfort me and keep me from harm
I was all alone and in much depair
The father I love, was taken from home
Put in the hospital, so I started to pray
Jesus help my father who I have loved always
Jesus took me in His arms
I was no longer afraid, I was now calm
Jesus asked the angels to sing to me
I felt such glory, Jesus heard my plea
Jesus is holding me in His arms as I sleep
I can feel Him looking down at me with love so deep
Jesus came to me, a lost sheep
I felt Him bless me and kiss my cheek
Jesus is holding me in his arms
He never left me, my heart and soul
Will always be His to hold
Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet
When Jesus takes the time to hold you in His arms that is the beginning of Heaven.
This is a true story. It happened to me. I quess i am special to Him.          


                               I love because God loves me
I love the miracle of life
God created me in his image
I love the beauty of nature
When I see the flowers
Hold on to the trees that give me shade
God is holding me in his arms
I love the birds that sing
The butterflies with mini-color wings
This is God's gift which I treasure
I love to talk to friends
I like to write poetry for someone who is lose
God tells me what to say and how to say it
I love who I am and where I am go
My life has been put together by God
I believe in myself, my friends taught me how
I am giving, kind and try to connect with other adoptee's
I am always happy and I do not give up on myself
God is in my heart and soul. I am what he made me
No one but myself can make a different in what I do
I help myself do things even if I find it hard .
I never give up, or quit
I am proud of who I am.
I love because God loves me
That is the secret of all things.
Linda Ann Henry
Do remember me
The people's poet 


                          I can handle it
I can handle the day that I try to reach
At night the angels watch me as I sleep
I can handle life, though it gets me down
I have many illnesses that I found
I can handle sadness and an ocean of tears
I can handle it, if I am all alone, with a little fear
Jesus has always been with me, this I have always known
If my adopted family cannot see who I am
I know I have been good, as good as I can
When I go to heaven, silver and gold
Will fall on me, this my friends have told
I do not have to be afraid, Jesus is with me today
I can handle it, I have written my heart
I can see myself, I love me as I go
This is the picture I want those in need to know
Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet
With the help of cheechee I have gotten through, Diabetes which has just been told to me when I was fighting for my life.



Jesus has risen on Easter Sunday
I went to where Jesus tomb was
An angel I did see
He said "Do not look for Jesus here
Our Lord is not among the dead".
I prayed that Jesus would come to me
Or tell me where He was....
Then I saw Him walk to me
He showed me His hands and feet
I saw where the nails once were
I cried for I knew that He bled.
Jesus showed me where the thorns had pierced His head
His dear face had seen such pain
With all of this I could see the Holy Spirit within
His heart will always beat the same.
Every Easter Sunday I think of The Lord, our God
He suffered so we can find paradise
He wants us all to enter in today
So we can live our lives
Like Our Savior does
Helping others along the way.
Someday soon we will meet Jesus
We shall fly to heaven
The angels will be there in welcome
Jesus will hold out His hands
We will see His beautiful Kingdom.
Linda Ann Henry 2005
Do you remember me
The people's poet
In order to get to heaven you must take Jesus hand,
He will take you to His kingdom



                                           A birth mother's prayer
Dear Lord, protect my little girl tonight
Please rock her in your arms so tight
I wonder what she looks like
Is she like me,who loves with all her heart
Does she think about heaven
With the stars so bright
Can I give my love to her
In the morning light
Does she know how much I miss her
I cry a rainbow of tears
I will never forget her through the years
When she took her first walk
I wanted to hold her hand
My Dear Lord, help her understand
When she is full grown
I would like to meet with her
I hope she wants me too
I love her so much
Please give her my love from you
Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
T he people's poet 


                       I dreamed I went to Heaven                       
I dreamed I went to heaven in the night
It was a most beautiful sight
I saw the angels and listen to them sing
I felt God's presents, the glory that He brings
I wish my love one were here with me
To make my life complete
I pray every day
That we would meet
I dreamed I went to heaven in the night
I saw the glowing of a great light
God welcomed me with open arms
I felt truly blessed, with all His charm
I talked to God , in hopes you would come
I will save a place for you my dear, as I wait
In heaven, time is forever
The angels told me my love was near
In my heart, you are very dear
I dreamed I went to heaven
My soul is there
In the light of God all is clear
Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet


                                             I will stay with you, Jesus
I will stay with you, Jesus
I will not run away, when they take you
I will walk behind you, as they decide you fate
I will stand by you as they beat you until you fall to your knees
I will wash the blood you are covered with
I will cry your tears that you are to weak to show
I will hold you up as much as I can
You are the King of Kings, the greatest man
I will go with you as you carry your cross
I feel so bad that people you know, much see you so
When they put the nails in your hands and feel
The thorn on your head make me cry
I wish I knew what to say to you and the reason why
I will be with you as you take your last breath
I look around and I see miracles before my very eyes
You, The Lord Jesus make's them, that is why
When you die, I know that eternal life begins
That is why Jesus died for our sins
Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet  


                                       A gift from Heaven
You are a gift from Heaven
I can see happiness in your eyes
You are the one who comes to me into the night
There are angels all settled down singing a beautiful song
Doves  comfort our love
There are stars all around
I hear the ocean as it comes to shore
It is my heartbeat asking for more and more
I can smile because I know you care
You will always be there
Time has stopped for the two of us
In this world that glows
There is nothing to let us go
you are a gift from Heaven
You are Heaven sent 
Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
Thr people's poet


                          Heavenly Father
I am glad I can go to my Heavenly Father
His love is without end
I was brought to this world in His Image
He protected me through out my life
He gave me a cross He knew I could handle
With His own blood He payed the cost
I am not worldy to be taken under his wings
When the rain falls from Heaven
It is my tears which wash away someone's sorrow
There are those who are worse off then me
In my dreams I turn into a butterfly, so I can fly free
Freedom is a gift. It is your's if you want it to be
My Heavenly Father has given thanks
I came from Heaven
So God protect my birth family
God protect my friends who see
Please Heavenly Father, please promise
To also take care of me
Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet

2005 linda ann henry