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Do you remember me

Do you remember me
To Christina, My sister , who is a gift from heaven
For my spirit sister Heartwhispers, with love
For both my families, what it is like to go through the pain of adoption


                                              The Swan
As I was sitting by the lake I saw birds leaping over the rainbow
Then I saw the most beautiful bird the swan
Only last year it was an ugly ducking
It came to feed from my hand
The radated, the charm, she was like a ballerina
I heard they sing when their time is near
Until it does, the ripple of the water
Which dances are full of the beauty
Of this lone swan, who's life is calm
God created beauty when the swan came to be
Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet 


                              I see my reflection
I see my reflection in the beauty of your eyes
I see my reflection in the stars in the sky
You can see my reflection which is made for two
The morning sun is life God gave you
When I see a falling star. I am always amazed
You are far from where I am today
You know love in a different way
If I see my refection, in everything I do
Tomorow I will still be in love with you
Your reflection is part of mine
Two lost souls are now in twine
What is God's plain, when he made us two
i will always see my reflections in you
Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet


                                           In the twilight
In the twilight, the night is coming alive
I see the lights shinning in the homes
I feel something is about to happen
On the streets people are just coming out of their business
Feet are running through the parks
In the twilight, I can see the little restaurant 
A lone woman is standing there hungry
The baby she was holding was crying, I guess she was hungry too
Some force came over me, I wanted to help this mother and child
When I got closer I saw how young the mother was.
In the twilight I asked her if I could help her
The child looked to be a few days old.
She started crying, "Please help me and my baby, Sir"
So I took her to an unwed mother shelter
"You will find help here, they will not try to take your baby girl away"
'Thank you Sir, you are very kind. At the hospital they wanted me to give it up
"To someone I did not know and I did not like her looks. She looked mean"
In the twilight of the night, I gave a women with no hope, the hope she needed.
I can go home to my own little children and a wife who loves me
I may not be able to fight the world, but I can help one lonely woman with a baby girl.
Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet


                                    It is an honor to know you
To see a flower, to feel my heart
To love a friend who has given me my start
To see the rain when my eyes are full of tears
To have you listen and wash my eyes
Never do you judge me, you know I try
To write a loving poem just for me
To make me happy, in this world I see
I maybe in a chair, it is my soul that goes everywhere
To understand and listen means so must to me
There are no words to thank you my friend
I always hear your whisper to me
Thank you for bringing life which I now can see
Your face shine's so pure and alive
There is so much good God put in your heart
You have given me hope and a loving heart
Each e-mail you send has a hug and a kiss
You never fail me, you never miss
You are like a butterfly, free to fly
I will never forget you, even after I die 
Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet


                       My life was not the same until I met you
I did not have a friend, who believed in me like you
I now can hear the blue birds sing and the butterflies too
I do not have to climb a mountain or even reach the stars
You have always cared for me, you knew just where I was
So many could not see me or remember my name
They never saw me through your eyes
I was just a woman without a name
My life was not the same until I met you
You did not question why
I had illness till I cried
You helped me get to know Jesus
Now I see Him, through your eye's
You read my poems, each and ever one
You never turned your back
You helped me publish ever one.
If I had a rainbow with all the colors of life
I would make a halo and put it on your head
You have a special gift, people all over the world can see
Now that I have met you
You are the world to me
Linda Ann Henny
Do you remember me
The people's poet


Songbirds are outside my door
They are singing just for me
Birds of all different colors
Are beautiful to see
Songbirds come from heaven
To meet me at my door
I love to hear them sing
I wish for more and more
Songbirds around the flowers
Humbling  birds catching the dew
Little butterflies flying in the sky so blue
Songbirds are singing in the air
Bumble bees buzzing
Making new flowers everywhere
I am so happy to hear the songbirds sing
They are part of God's beauty
With everything
Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet 


                                                    You are my dearest love
You are my dearest love
God sent you to me from above
How do I tell you how blessed I am
You are my most important man
You are my dearest love
You come from moon beans in the air
I want you to know how much I care
I hope you want me as I do you
Never leave me all alone
Give me your heart to call my own
You are my dearest love
I get comfort from you
Whom I love
I wish I  could become a butterfly
Fly to you in the sky
To lay on your lap
Would you know it is I
Who is your little butterfly
Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet     


                                             My son is going to be with Jesus
My son is going to be with Jesus
His mother will be by his side
The loving arms of Jesus
Will be with them, if they cry
I am down here trying to live again
I know they would want me to
For eternity is forever
 I must love again, that is new
My son is going to be with Jesus
His mother is holding his hand
The trumpets will play a psalm
It will be a great day
I have no time for sadness
There is only a flame I hold in my hand
My son and his mother together
Will have peace and no more harm
Jesus will bless them in heaven
The Lord knows, these two will be missed
I will say a pray every night
I will wish on a golden star so bright
Jesus love them and hold them tight
Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet


                                       The Sacrifice of Jesus
On a hill by Calvary a little boy and girl was watching their sheep.
When their mother asked how they were doing
The children said together, "Mommy do you see the man on the cross.
The one in the middle. He looks like he has been tortured
Look at the thorn on His head, He is bleeding
See the woman by His side with the young boy
We think she is His mother, how she must be suffering
The man looks like He is carrying the world on his shoulder
We feel He is making some sacrifice
Do you see how they nailed Him to the cross
The other two men do not look like they are in as much pain
Mommy, what did the man do that was so bad"
There mother held them close.
She said "The man's name is Jesus
I heard His sermen on the mount
He taught me how to pray
I saw Him make many fishes
Out of the ocean, so everyone could eat
He made miracles, by putting His hand
Over the eyes of a blind man, Jesus made him see
By raising a friend from the dead
The man called "Lazarus" came out of his tomb
He said He was The Son of God
He was Holy, Divine and love's us very much
Jesus is sacrificing Himself 
Because He loves us so
He wants us to have eternal life
After we die and go to Heaven
The only way He can do it
Is to die for us on the cross
You see in the distance
The sun is blinded by the dark
Jesus will go to His Father soon
On the third day
He will walk out of His tomb
If we remember Him
He will live forever
In our hearts and souls
Sometimes we much sacrifice ourselves
To help other's we know
Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet
Jesus sacrifice himself, so when we die, we will meet Him in  paradise 



In time for Easter
In time for Easter, is there a place I can see Jesus
In time for Easter, may I smell the flowers of spring
Can I look up to Heaven and show my love for The King of Kings
In time for Easter, are the roses, ready for His throne
In time for Easter, is the sky and field, as beautiful as shown
Our Lord reaches for my hand and helps my spirit to be new
Jesus is risen, His life He gave for me too
In time for Easter, communion I will take
I will dress for Jesus, my heart I know He takes
In time for Easter, there's a smile upon my face
It shines because I know God is my Father
In Jesus' arms, my sins will be erased
In time for Easter, I forgive those who may give me pain
I want to fly to Your Kingdom
Then I will not live my life in vain.
Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet


                                 A heart that bleeds
Dear Lord, I have a heart that bleeds
It is so much apart of me
The woman I want to know
Has vanished in the wind
Never to be seen again
How much more can I take
There have been so many mistakes
I have a birth father I have just found
Many a year has passed before I knew him at last
We talk on the phone, then it happens once again
My heart begins to bleed. Why must I always have this tragedy
I want to be loved, I wonder if I will
Will You give me the stength to carry on
Help me to be still
When I get to Heaven, let me see only the one's who love me true
I wish I could forget this pain of adoption I knew
I try to let it go. I have a cross I carry
Can someone take it from my hands
Is there a person out there, who can understand 
Will the angels bring me to You, My Lord
Is there a smile I will see
In the shadows will my birth father be waiting for me 
Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet


                                     A father is the blue bird of happiness
I looked the world over for a father I could call my own
I asked The Blue Bird of Happiness to help me find a father, so I would not be alone
So we looked in every state for a father who has my blood
I thought that would make me happy and I  could thank The Lord above
I looked at the stars and counted each one
I search the earth in hopes I could find
What the blue bird of happiness had in mind
I found my birth father, I thought because he was my blood
He would be my answer and what I have been dreaming of
Until I found he did not love me not even when I was born
So the blue bird of happiness took me home
I looked at the father who raised me with tears falling from my eyes
When I was little he was the one to stay up with me when I was sick
I went to him when I was hurt
Daddy was who I wanted in all my life he was there
He was not my blood but it was the man who raised me
Who always cared
The first job I had my daddy brought me too
He waited outside in the cold, he helped me get through
The blue bird of happiness taught me a very important lesson
Your father does not have to be your blood
It is the father who raises you with love
Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet


                         The Dove
I was sitting in my chair, feeling all alone
There was sadness in my eyes
What did I do so wrong
I looked up to the Heavens
Into the beautiful sky
Wishing I  could visit Jesus
So I would no longer cry
My eyes saw a dove coming down to me
I knew it was Dear Jesus' Spirit that I could see
I fell to my knees as the dove graced my shoulder
I never felt so loved, I felt it all over
A white dove with eyes of blue
Was looking at me closely
As I was looking too
I asaid "The Lord's Prayer"
As I watched this miracle
There was once again my hope
Which was lost for a time
I know now, Jesus loved me all the time
The Dove kissed me on the cheek
And washed away a tear
Then the spirit of My Jesus, in the form of a Dove
Went back to Heaven
I could see Him touch the clouds above
He is giving me time to  heal
All the hurt and sorrow that I sometimes feel
I will always remember
A Dove came to bless me
Now I worship Jesus
Because his love set me free


                        A fragile flower
Have you ever seen a fragile flower
Which flows against the wind
You may smell it and hold it
And hope that it will sing
I am a beautiful flower
I wish most every day
That I will find happiness
All along the way
If you would pick me off the vine
Maybe give me a little time
I would smile, hug you too
The sun would warm me
Love enough for two
I am caring, kind and loving
A fragile flower beautiful and new
If taken care of
Will live my life all through
I thank you for wanting a flower, such as I
Now there are other flowers
I am not the only one
I am blessed with a new day
And a bright sun



             An angel of my own
On a night in November, when the stars were out
My daughter was born
I kissed the heavens for giving me an angel of my own
She was so beautiful and loved
I could hear all the angels play music from above
As my tears washed away my pain
I have an angel of my own
I will always remember this gift of love
God makes beautiful things
Out of caring and kindness
I will help my child to remember
How to open her wings and fly
To bring happiness and never ask why
I am blessed with an angel of my own
Where ever I go, where ever I have been
I can hear your voice, calling on the wind
I love you my darling daughter
You have no need to fear
I send you a whisper of love, I wish you were near
I wanted to raise you, to share in all you did
I never smiled, I only have my love to give
I would have liked to dry your tears
I would have liked to see you once
To whisper words, so you would know I care
I hope you are wanted
By the strange woman I gave you too
I am the one who whispers
How very much I love you
I love you today
It is as though you never went away
I see you when I wake up
And kiss you at night
I see you in the stars
And  hope you are all right
You are my angel of love 
I hold you oh so tight
With my last prayer
I hope you will be there
When I turn out the light


                                          A young mother
A new day is coming, I can see the sun
I have tears in my eyes, I have been searching very long
For the child I lost when she was born
What does she look like, can I see her in me
I wonder if she is loved and lives happily
When I look out my window and watch the beauty of life go by
Why did it happen, I do not know why
They would not let me hold her when she was born
I was not able to kiss her dear cheek
They left me alone with my grief
I searched for my child who was lose to me
I pray to You Dear God, up in Heaven you stand
Help a young mother, please answer my pray
Our Lord Jesus loved little children
Please hold out your hand
I am so loving and kind
I love my daughter, I give my heart and my soul
To see her once more, before I get old
Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet 

2005 linda ann henry